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Laura Palermo has always been passionate about art and animals.  

It all began with a turtle…or two.  Inspired by wildlife, Laura was thrilled when she encountered two sea turtles while fishing off the coast of Sullivan’s Island. This wonderful experience in addition to the rousing sea turtle information at the SC Aquarium led to her decision in starting a collection of sea turtle paintings.  A couple of months later the enthusiastic artist was SCUBA certified and eager to swim and study sea turtles in their natural environment.  With the goal of further increasing the awareness of today’s dangers threatening the turtles, Laura posts stories and turtle facts with each piece of art in addition to donating 10% of her profits to the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Hospital. Laura also spent time as an education volunteer at the SC Aquarium where she enjoyed learning and teaching children the significance of preserving our natural environment.

Laura’s growing curiosity of threatened species led her in the direction of creating a bird art collection.  She is continuing to donate a portion of the profits to conservation organizations including The National Aviary and BirdLife International.  Laura has found that her focus on art activism as a form of aesthetic contribution for conservation of our endangered species has been, and will continue to be, a rewarding experience for both her and her collectors for many years to come.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Laura attended Mercyhurst University and acquired a degree in studio art.  During her four years in college she also traveled to Europe to study abroad.  Living in Florence, Italy for five months Laura filled her schedule with art classes. In her free time she traveled to different parts of France, Greece, and England.  Traveling through and being a part of these European cultures has been a further inspiration for Laura to pursue her career in art. 

News and Media Publications:

Donations 2015 - 2021



Thank you to all of my collectors who help make these donations possible.

Shows and Exhibitions

"Balance" at Mary Martin Gallery Charleston 2018

National Aviary "Wings and Wildlife" Art Show 2018

"Love at First Flight" at Mary Martin Gallery Charleston 2016

National Aviary "Wings and Wildlife" Art Show 2016

Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2016

"Paint for Preservation" at Mary Martin Gallery Naples 2016

"Paint for a Purpose" at the SC Aquarium September 2015 - May 2016

"Cerulean Survivors - The Life of a Sea Turtle" at Mary Martin Gallery Charleston 2014

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