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Sea Turtle Art

 Globally, all seven species of sea turtles are vulnerable to extinction.  Although human activity is one of the greatest reasons for their decline, humans can also have a positive impact on sea turtle populations. We are now witnessing the recovery of the most critically endangered species of sea turtle in the world- the Kemp’s Ridley. The protection of nesting beaches and the use of Turtle Excluder Devices on commercial trawlers has played a significant role in the recovery of their species.

        My sea turtle paintings are dedicated to the advocacy of conservation and are my contribution to this worthy cause. I donate 10% of my profits to the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Rescue Program- a facility that rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles for release back into the wild. Please join me in being part of the solution to conserve our threatened and endangered sea turtles.


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