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PriceFrom $50.00

This triptych is comprised of 3 images each, below are the individual print dimensions included in each size option.


5X14 display icludes: (1) 5" x 8" and (2) 5" x 2.5"

15X40 display includes: (1) 15" x 24" and (2) 15" x 7.5"

30X80 display includes: (1) 30" x 48" and (2) 30" x 15"


All prints are produced with high quality fade-resistant archival inks. 


Paper Prints: The paper prints are printed on fine art paper and will require a frame for display.  The paper prints have extra paper on each side giving you the option to use a mat with your frame.


Canvas Prints: The canvas wall art is gallery wrapped with a depth of 1.5".  After the ink has dried the canvas is hand-varnished.  The canvas prints comes wired and ready to hang.  No framing is necessary with canvas prints!


  • His Story

    “18th Green” is a green sea turtle who was found on the beach near the 18th hole on Kiawah Island’s Ocean Golf Course.  He was covered with barnacles and algae and was found lethargic and underweight.   Radiographs revealed air in the intestines, causing 18th Green’s rear end to float, suggesting a gastrointestinal tract impaction.


    Upon admittance to the Sea Turtle Hospital, 18th Green received a fresh water bath to remove the barnacles and algae, was administered fluids for hydration and mineral oil tube feedings.  About 2 months after being admitted, 18th Green passed multiple pieces of plastic and slowly regained his appetite.

    After receiving extraordinary attention from the Sea Turtle Hospital staff for a year and a half, 18th Green was deemed releasable and was sent back to the ocean where he was found, on Kiawah Island.

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