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10" x 10"


This original acrylic on wood panel painting is gallery wrapped with a depth of 1.5 inches, hand-varnished,  signed and ready to hang.  (Frame not included)

  • Their Story

    Despite a worldwide distribution, Barn Owls are declining in parts of their range due to habitat loss.

    On October 30, 2011 Charleston's Avian Conservation Center received a call about a Barn Owl entangled in rope in a tree in Georgetown, South Carolina. A Volunteer Staff member responded to the call by cutting the bird free and bringing it to the Center’s Avian Medical Clinic. The bird was very subdued and exhibited a left wing droop with significant swelling and bruising at the bird’s elbow. An x-ray revealed that the bones were not fractured, and the bird was monitored in Critical Care for several days as bruising receded.

    As the bird’s treatment progressed, it was moved to an outside enclosure in intermittent care to begin rebuilding flight muscle and endurance. A regime of antibiotics kept the bird stable as its recovery continued. After roughly two weeks of care the bird was evaluated and cleared for release. On November 19, 2011 the Center released Barn Owl #5604 back into the wild at Hobcaw Barony, a 16,000 acre preserve in Georgetown County dedicated to research and education.

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