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PriceFrom $50.00

All prints are produced with high quality fade-resistant archival inks. 


Paper Prints: The paper prints are printed on fine art paper and will require a frame for display.  The paper prints have extra paper on each side giving you the option to use a mat with your frame.


Canvas Prints: The canvas wall art is gallery wrapped with a depth of 1.5".  After the ink has dried the canvas is hand-varnished.  The canvas prints comes wired and ready to hang.  No framing is necessary with canvas prints!


  • Johanna's Story

    Johanna is an endangered hawksbill sea turtle who was found by guests at the Four Seasons hotel in the Maldives. She had beached herself and become stranded.  She was very weak upon admission to the Marine Savers Centre, with damage to her carapace from an old wound.  After some time and care from their support team the majority of the shell hardened and healed.  After her recovery Johanna became very active in their recovery pool, diving with ease and enjoying the abundant amount of foods offered. Her behavior was very encouraging and she was released a few days later.

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